Mary McNamee

Mary McNamee
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Mary McNamee
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Accredited Mediator, Family Law/ De Facto
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Mary tells us that she has had a most fortunate and wonderful journey on the way to becoming a Barrister. Originally, Mary was a specialist Music Teacher for Primary Schools and then taught in Special Schools, having the privilege to teach children and young adults with disabilities. This was a rich and a marvellous experience for many years. Mary then travelled extensively (including the usual tourist spots, as well as the not so usual, being Iran,Iraq, Afghanistan, Taiwan and many more amazing places.) This time was a terrific learning experience - other than nearly dying of Encephalitis near the Kyber Pass. Mary then purchased and operated Petrushka Coffee Lounge in the heart of Melbourne for three years and loved the vibrancy of the city business and meeting hundreds of people every day. Mary has practised as a solicitor for eight years prior to signing the Bar Roll.
Royal Flagstaff
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