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Russell Young
B.Juris, LLB (Mon)
Areas of Practice
Water and Drainage Law, Accredited Mediator, WorkCover/ Comcare, Inquests, Insurance, Agricultural Law, Banking and Finance, Medical Negligence, Commercial Law, Occupational Health and Safety, Common Law, Partnerships, Personal Injuries, Probate/ Wills/ TFM, Contract, Product Liability, Professional Negligence, Property Law, DeFacto Property, Torts, Torts and Other Personal Injuries, Equity/ Trusts, Family Law/ De Facto, Transport Accident Commission
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Russell has a general civil practise with particular emphasis on wills, probate, family testators maintenance, Cy-prés schemes, family law and de facto family cases, sale of land and settled land.

Some of the cases Russell has recently appeared in, include:-
(a) The Trust Company Limited re Peter Mitchell -v- Attorney General of New South Wales (2011) NSWSC 206 (15 March 1011) (Cy-prés Scheme);
(b) The Trust Company (Australia) Limited as trustees of the Kyle Williams Home Trust -v- Attorney-General of New South Wales (No.2) [2011] NSWSC 323 (18 March 2011) (Cy-prés Scheme);
(c) The Trust Company (Australia) Limited as trustees of the Kyle Williams Home Trust -v- Attorney General of New South Wales (No.2) [2012] NSWSC 1505 (7 December 2012) (Cy-prés Scheme)
(d) Whitehead -v- The State Trustee Limited [2011] VSC 424 (Testators Family Maintenance);
(e) State Trustees Limited -v- Whitehead [2012] VSCA 274 (16 November 2012) (Testators Family Maintenance)

Russell also practises in the area of personal injury and has done many cases involving brain damage and serious psychiatric damage. He has practised this area in the County Court and the Supreme Court before Judge along and jury.

Many of the cases Russell has conducted have problems in relation to farming disputes. Before coming to the bar he practised as a country solicitor and has farming interests, all of which give him a particular insight into the problems of farming familiies.

Russell's farming background has enabled him to understand technical matters which are often raised in farming disputes. He is also a farmer in the Western District of Victoria breeding beef cattle.

Russell is a national accredited mediator and has acted as a mediator and also as counsel appearing before mediators.
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