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Accredited Mediator, Alternative Dispute Resolution/ Mediation, Probate/ Wills/ TFM, DeFacto Property, Family Law/ De Facto
From 01/07/2014,
Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation.
Administrative Law (Judicial Review), Administrative Law (Merits Review), Children's Court, Criminal Law, Criminal Law (Appellate), Drink Drive, Extraditions, Freedom of Information, Human Rights, Inquests, Intervention Orders, Road Safety, Telecommunications, IT/ Computers, Traffic Law, Victims Of Crime Assistance Tribunal
From 21/10/2010,
Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation.

Before coming to the Bar, Kyle worked for 10 years as a prosecutor for Victoria Police, appearing in the Magistrates’ and Children’s Courts. 

He was an instructor at the Research & Training Unit of Victoria Police’s prosecutions division, instructing in advocacy, evidence and legal research, and also worked briefly at the Legal Policy Unit.

He co-edited and authored the 3rd edition of the Prosecutors Manual, and wrote many articles for internal update bulletins and court resources, and much of the content of the prosecutors intranet. Immediately before coming to the Bar Kyle performed a short-term placement with the VGSO.

Kyle appears regularly in all criminal courts, and is available for trial, appeal and advisory work in all criminal forums. He is a contributing author to the Springvale Legal Service's Lawyers Practice Manual and Thomson Reuters' Criminal Law, Investigation and Procedure Victoria, as well as an occasional instructor at the Leo Cussen Institute's Practical Training Course and Australian National University's Becoming a Practitioner intensive component of the Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice.

Kyle is particularly interested in the effect of information technology and computer-forensics in litigation and criminal law. He blogs at about developments and practice in summary criminal law.  He regularly presents at continuing professional development sessions on both substantive law, and the use of technology in legal practice — particularly on the iPad for lawyers. He was one of 12 junior counsel participating in Victoria Legal Aid's Trial Counsel Development Program for 2012/2013.
Administrative Law (Judicial Review), Administrative Law (Merits Review), Criminal Law, Inquests
Children's Court, Family Law/ De Facto, Inquests, VCAT
Children's Court, Criminal Law
Marcus Langlois has practiced predominantly in Criminal Law and was
previously a tenant at Goldsmiths Chambers in 2009 at the Temple in Central
London. Prior to this was a solicitor-advocate for a number of solicitors
firms based in West London since 2004.

Marcus worked with the North Australian Aboriginal Justice Agency in Katherine on his arrival in Australia in 2011 and with the Aboriginal Legal Service in Sydney at the Redfern office.

He recently worked with the Aboriginal Legal Service in Perth and Victoria Legal Aid as an associate public defender in the Bendigo office.

Marcus is committed to ensuring that his clients receive the best quality advice and representation and understands the importance to a solicitor of receiving high quality and timely service from a barrister.
Family Law/ De Facto
Commercial Law, Criminal Law, Family Law/ De Facto, VCAT
Since coming to the Bar Mario has appeared in criminal and civil matters in a range of jurisdictions, both state and federal, including interstate appearances in NSW and Queensland.

Mario also accepts briefs to appear at the Victorian Administrative Appeals Tribunal (VCAT) having a particular interest in costs disputes, both party/party and client solicitor.

Mario runs a general practice and has extensive experience in the running of both criminal and civil matters with an emphasis on thoroughness and a relentless pursuit of the interests of the client.

Mario will consider requests for Pro Bono assistance.
Victims Of Crime Assistance Tribunal, Intervention Orders, Children's Court, Commonwealth Compensation, Family Law/ De Facto
Since coming to the Bar, Marita has developed a substantial practice in Victims of Crime Tribunal matters, having represented hundreds of clients across Melbourne and country Victoria.

Marita is also regularly briefed in family law, summary crime, intervention orders and children's court matters.

Marita also has a strong interest in Guardianship matters.

Prior to coming to the Bar, Marita had 12 years legal experience in a variety of roles including:
• family lawyer in Byron Bay, New South Wales, including regular duty lawyer work for the New South Wales Legal Aid Commission;
• corporate lawyer for Australia Post as its National Compliance Manager and advising on trade practices law;
• government lawyer for the Department of Justice developing fair trading and consumer affairs policy and being responsible for the passage of several Acts through Parliament, including the major act underpinning the portfolio; and as a prosecutor in the Magistrates' Court;
• corporate lawyer for a multi-national manufacturing company; and
• volunteer solicitor at South Port and St Kilda Legal Services.

Marita completed Articles with Maddocks (formerly Maddock Lonie and Chisholm) in 1992, and is a participating member of the VicBar Duty Barrister's Scheme.
Intervention Orders, Probate/ Wills/ TFM, Criminal Law, Drink Drive, Family Law/ De Facto, Guardianship and Administration
Insolvency Law, Bankruptcy and Insolvency, Commercial Law, Company Law, Partnerships, Contract, Residential/ Retail Tenancies
From 21/07/2011
Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation.

Mark graduated from Monash University in 1993 with Bachelor Degrees in Law and Economics(Accounting). He was admitted into practice in 1995 and worked as a solicitor at Mahons Lawyers before signing the Bar Roll in 1999. At the Bar Mark conducts a general commercial practice encompassing both Court appearances and paperwork. His areas of experience include contractual disputes, company winding-up applications, bankruptcy matters, Corporations Act Proceedings, retail tenancies and partnership disputes.
Accredited Mediator, Family Law/ De Facto
Mary tells us that she has had a most fortunate and wonderful journey on the way to becoming a Barrister. Originally, Mary was a specialist Music Teacher for Primary Schools and then taught in Special Schools, having the privilege to teach children and young adults with disabilities. This was a rich and a marvellous experience for many years. Mary then travelled extensively (including the usual tourist spots, as well as the not so usual, being Iran,Iraq, Afghanistan, Taiwan and many more amazing places.) This time was a terrific learning experience - other than nearly dying of Encephalitis near the Kyber Pass. Mary then purchased and operated Petrushka Coffee Lounge in the heart of Melbourne for three years and loved the vibrancy of the city business and meeting hundreds of people every day. Mary has practised as a solicitor for eight years prior to signing the Bar Roll.
Civil Liberties, Criminal Law, Criminal Law (Appellate)
Extensive experience in criminal law.Having appeared in all Victorian Jurisdictions.
Children's Court, Civil Liberties, Commercial Law, Criminal Law, Equal Opportunity, Family Law/ De Facto, Guardianship and Administration, Human Rights, Intervention Orders, Native Title, VCAT, Constitutional Law
Intellectual Property, Commercial Law
From 01/07/2008,
Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation.
Intervention Orders, Children's Court, Commercial Crime, Occupational Health and Safety, Criminal Law, Criminal Law (Appellate), Road Safety, Drink Drive, Traffic Law
Former Victorian Chief Magistrate,Extensive experience in complex criminal trials in Supreme and County Court. Experience with regulations/disciplinary matters in the Legal Profession Tribunal. Courts Advisor to Australian Government in Soloman Islands.
Human Rights, Immigration/ Migration, Administrative Law (Judicial Review), Inquests, Administrative Law (Merits Review), Victims Of Crime Assistance Tribunal, Civil Liberties, Criminal Law, Criminal Law (Appellate), Social Security/ Welfare, Equal Opportunity, Freedom of Information, Guardianship and Administration, VCAT
Nola signed the bar roll in 2002, having gained considerable experience in both the private and public sectors as a solicitor. Nola practices predominantly in the areas of criminal law, human rights and refugee law.

Nola acts in all criminal matters including appeals, pleas and trials. She has a wealth of experience having practiced for over 15 years in criminal law and currently has a busy trial practice. Nola also has extensive experience in conducting judicial review cases in the federal jurisdiction, with a focus on refugee matters. Other interests and areas of experience include: mental health law, general administrative law and coronial inquests.

Nola has a strong community and social justice background and commitment. She has volunteered in a number of community legal organisations, including for over 13 years with the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) where she continues to volunteer. In 2010 and 2013, Nola was awarded the Susan Crennan AC QC Award for her work with the ASRC. In 2015 she was awarded the John Gibson Award by the International Commission of Jurists in Victoria for her work in advocating for the rights of refugees and asylum seekers.
Criminal Law, Equal Opportunity, Inquests, VCAT
Pamela Hogan originally signed the Bar Roll in 1986 before relocating to the Western Australian Bar in 1988. Her practice was in Coronial, Criminal, Family and Equal Opportunity Law both as counsel and as a mediator. Whilst at the Bar she held part time positions on the Social Security Appeals Tribunal, the Racing Penalty Appeals Tribunal and the Commercial Tribunal. In 2001, she was appointed as a magistrate. As a magistrate she presided in both criminal and civil jurisdictions, including extensive experience in the Compensation Court (hearing appeals on a question of law from the decisions of WorkCover review officers).
Intervention Orders, Children's Court
After completing her degrees at Australian National University and The Legal Workshop in 1975, Trish became a commissioned officer in the Womens Royal Australian Navy. She worked as the Command Legal Officer for the Flag Officer commanding the East Australia Area. Trish and her husband have raised five children during which time both were involved in all the usual school,sporting, after-school activities and community activities. Trish balanced family life and work as the Practice Manager for a Specialist Surgeon in rural Victoria. Meanwhile Trish completed the Alternative Dispute Resolution Course at Melbourne University in 1998. Trish was called to the Bar in 2002 and enjoys practising people law and representing those who would not otherwise have a voice.
Banking and Finance, Bankruptcy and Insolvency, Commercial Law, Consumer Credit, Equity/ Trusts, Licensing and Disciplinary Tribunals, Probate/ Wills/ TFM, Property Law, Residential/ Retail Tenancies, Torts, Trade Practices
Further to the above areas of practice, Paul also handles matters pertaining to the status of foreign judgments
Human Rights, Water and Drainage Law, Immigration/ Migration, Administrative Law (Judicial Review), Inquests, Administrative Law (Merits Review), Victims Of Crime Assistance Tribunal, Admiralty/Marine, Intervention Orders, Licensing and Disciplinary Tribunals, Aviation, Local Government, Mental Health, Children's Court, Mining Law, Motor Vehicle Property, Civil Liberties, Commercial Crime, Occupational Health and Safety, Common Law, Planning and Local Government, Probate/ Wills/ TFM, Courts Martial, Criminal Law, Criminal Law (Appellate), Road Safety, Social Security/ Welfare, Sports Law, Drink Drive, Energy and Resources, Engineering Disputes, Environment, Torts, Equal Opportunity, Torts and Other Personal Injuries, Extraditions, Traffic Law, Freedom of Information, Transport Law, VCAT
Graduated W.A. School of Mines, Mining Engineering. Worked underground and open pit operations (including quarrying). Involved (inter alia) in operations, mine management, planning, geology, geological engineering, blasting, drilling, ventilation, rock mechanics, exploration, mining law, environmental impact, feasibility and consultancy. Graduated University of Melbourne Law School. Master of Laws (Criminal Law) Monash University. Master of Laws (Public and International Law) ANU. Graduate Diploma in Military Law, University of Melbourne. Graduate Diploma in International Law, University of Melbourne. Completed certain Maritime Law subjects at University of Queensland. Chinese Language, Nanjing University and Beijing University. Practice predominantly Criminal Law, with a sub-specialisation in Motor Traffic Law. Practice encompasses all jurisdictions including criminal trials for both the Crown and Defence. Appears regularly in the appellate jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of Victoria and the Court of Criminal Appeal; also appears in the High Court on special leave applications. Thoroughly familiar with Administrative Law, including Judicial Review under Order 56 of the Supreme Court Rules or the equivalent in other jurisdictions. Cases reported in the Victorian Law Reports, Motor Vehicle Reports, The Administrative Reports and the Australian Criminal Reports. Admitted in all jurisdictions in Australia and appears regularly in cases interstate, particularly New South Wales and Tasmania. Victorian Bar, Law Reform Committee, Panel Member Specialist in Traffic Law. Member of Military Law Bar. Special Forces Officer Australian Army; qualified (inter alia) parachutist (static and free fall), diver, demolitions expert, radio operator, machine gunner, weaponry instructor, small craft, medic, roping, climbing, unarmed combat, Platoon Commander, Intelligence Officer, Public Relations Officer and Staff Officer. Transferred to Legal Corp Army 1992. Transferred to Royal Australian Navy Legal Panel in 2002. Duties: Discipline Law, Administrative Law, Boards of Inquiry, Command Advice and Operations Law. Legal Interests: International Criminal Law, International Maritime Law and Military Law. Community Interests: Honorary Counsel Australian Bravery Association, Member of Discipline Appeals Tribunal Vic Football Federation; DAT Member Southern Metropolitan Region VFL. Member of Human Rights Committee, Victorian Bar.
Accredited Mediator, Administrative Law (Judicial Review), Administrative Law (Merits Review), Insolvency Law, Insurance, Alternative Dispute Resolution/ Mediation, Aviation, Banking and Finance, Bankruptcy and Insolvency, Building and Construction, Nationally Accredited Mediator, Commercial Law, Partnerships, Probate/ Wills/ TFM, Product Liability, Professional Negligence, Property Law, Residential/ Retail Tenancies, Securities, Engineering Disputes, Trade Practices, VCAT
Peter Lithgow has a commercial practice appearing in courts at all levels and specialist tribunals including VCAT, the Commonwealth AAT and commercial arbitrations. Principal areas of practice are court work, both at trial and on appeal and advice and drawing pleadings. Peter’s expertise is in all areas of general commercial law and particularly in contractual and debt matters, insolvency, tenancy, building and construction, insurance, product and professional liability, misrepresentation and unconscionable conduct and wills and estates.

Peter had been an accredited advanced mediator since 2006 and has been involved in many mediations, both as mediator and representing a party. Principal areas of mediation are both court ordered and private mediations regarding general commercial disputes, building and construction, debt, franchises and TFM claims.
Administrative Law (Judicial Review), Commercial Law, Taxation
From 17/04/2015,
Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation.

Peter Sest conducts an established practice in tax/revenue law and commercial law.
Accredited Mediator, Administrative Law, Building and Construction, Commercial Law, Criminal Law, Family Law/ De Facto, Guardianship and Administration, Inquests, Mental Health, Professional Negligence
From 20/05/2011,
Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation.

Pierre is a Nationally accredited mediator.

Pierre has worked as a senior academic in several universities across Australia and teaches Health Law and Mental Health at Monash University. 

Pierre is a Director of the St Kilda Legal Service and past vice chair of the Mental Health Legal Centre.

Prior to joining The Victorian Bar Pierre has worked 25 years for the health industry both as clinician and administrator. Pierre has strong background in corporate management of public and private hospitals and assisted with a number of international and state enquiries. He also holds a Masters of Law and a Major in Corporations Law.
Insolvency Law, Insurance, Intellectual Property, Banking and Finance, Mediator, Bankruptcy and Insolvency, Building and Construction, Nationally Accredited Mediator, Commercial Law, Partnerships, Probate/ Wills/ TFM, Contract, Product Liability, Corporations and Securities, Professional Negligence, Property Law, Residential/ Retail Tenancies, Employment, Taxation, Equity/ Trusts, Trade Practices
From 16/07/2009,
Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation.

Mr Greenberger practices in all aspects of commercial litigation, trusts, corporations, securities, joint ventures, insolvency, property law, leases, probate and Testators Family Maintenance litigation. He has had extensive experience in injunctions and freezing orders. He appears in the Supreme Court, Federal Courts, County Court, VCAT and in commercial arbitrations.
Mr Greenberger is an Accredited Mediator under the Australian National Mediator Accreditation System. He trained with The Accord Group, and obtained a Certificate of Commercial Mediation. He regularly acts as a mediator in relation to a diverse range of commercial and estate disputes.
Mr Greenberger’s article entitled "When trust turns to dust" was published in the Law Institute Journal. It analyses the nature of the claim by a beneficiary for payment of unpaid trust distributions. See: May 2013 87 (5) LIJ, p.48.
Mr Greenberger regularly present seminars to solicitors on a range of commercial and property subjects. He delivered papers entitled “Extent of Liability of Guarantors and Sureties”, and "Interlocutory Injunctions: Special Requirements", at seminars organised by the Leo Cussen Institute.
Mr Greenberger is an occasional instructor at the Leo Cussen Institute practical training course, on the topics of Injunctions and Civil Procedure.
In late 2015 Mr Greenberger presented a series of lectures on Mediation, Opening and Closing Submissions, and Examination in Chief & Cross Examination, at the Victoria University Law School, to a group of Chinese lawyers who took part in a study tour from Shandong Province..
Prior to coming to the Bar, Mr Greenberger worked as a solicitor with the firm then known as Peter Barker, Harty & Co. (later known as Barker Gosling, and still later as Dibbs Barker Gosling). He became an Associate with that firm.
He joined The Victorian Bar during 1977 and read with Mr W.C. Fagan (later Judge Fagan of the County Court of Victoria).

Commercial Litigation including Commercial Contract Disputes; Joint Venture Litigation; Insolvency Law – Corporate and Bankruptcy; Corporations Law; Mortgage and Securities Disputes; Banking and Finance; Guarantees; Property Law and Sale of Land Disputes; Trade Practices; Professional Negligence; Commercial/Retail Tenancies; Sale of Goods; Taxation Litigation; Injunctions and Freezing Orders; Employment Law including Restraint Clauses, Confidentiality and Trade Secrets, and Wrongful Dismissal; Intellectual Property; Trademarks and Copyright; Trusts and Trustees; Equity; Franchising Litigation; Estate Agents; Partnership Disputes; Sale of Business Disputes; Insurance; Product Liability; Construction-Building Cases; Private International Law; Testator’s Family Maintenance; Probate and Wills Litigation; Mediation/Arbitration; Accredited Mediator.
Children's Court, Commercial Law, DeFacto Property, Family Law/ De Facto, Inquests, Intervention Orders, Mental Health, Social Security/ Welfare, VCAT, Victims Of Crime Assistance Tribunal
From 02/12/2010,
Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation.
Accredited Mediator, Insurance, Intervention Orders, Motor Vehicle Property, Commercial Law, Contract, Road Safety, Domestic Building Tribunal, Traffic Law, VCAT
I joined the Victorian Bar in 1977 and after testing the water in various, jurisdictions settled on the following areas of practice, the Magistrates, Court both Civil (often motor vehicle accidents) and Criminal, VCAT, Racing matters and lately Mediating. As an accredited Mediator I have successfully mediated matters involving,disputes over as little as a few thousand dollars to the recent Brave, Warrior horse death dispute in the Queensland Supreme Court, which was a $23million claim that threatened to run for at least two months of Court, sitting time. Call it luck, skill or whatever, but to this point I have not once been, unsuccessful in a single mediation. My view is that every dispute has a, prospect of resolution and that the parties just need to be assisted to find, that acceptable "settling" position. I have found that Mediation is one of,the most satisfying areas of practice and I enjoy the challenge each time, when told "you will never settle this one" and then seeing the look on the, parties faces after they have settled. As a breeder and racer of thoroughbreds, I also derive much pleasure from,participation in cases concerning horse disputes of whatever nature or, involving people in the industry and their particular problems, either, stemming from within the industry or outside it.
Family Law/ De Facto
Richard Ingleby is a specialist in all matters relating to family law. He has appeared, and advised in relation to, trials and appeals at all levels in both state and federal courts, including complex financial matters. He has published many books and articles on family law and alternative dispute resolution. He has a Doctor of Philosophy from Wolfson College, Oxford and a Master of Laws with 1st Class Honours from Trinity Hall, Cambridge and previously held positions at Melbourne, Manchester and Ohio State Universities.

Academic appointments:

Visiting Professor, North China University of Technology, November 2008 to present

Director of Research Training, Deakin University, June 2007 to 30 January 2009

Special Adviser to the Vice-Chancellor, Deakin University, February 2006 to June 2007

Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Business and Law, Deakin University, July 2000 to January 2006

Professorial Associate, Faculty of Law, The University of Melbourne, January 1995 to 31st December 1999

Visiting Fellow, Faculty of Law, The University of Melbourne, February, 1994 to December, 1995

Senior Lecturer (continuing), Faculty of Law, The University of Melbourne, July 1990 to January 1994

Visiting Lecturer, Faculty of Law, Manchester University, 1st January to 31st December 1992

Visiting Research Fellow, Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, Wolfson College, Oxford, 1st January to 31st December 1992

Visiting Professor, College of Law, Ohio State University, March to June 1991

Lecturer, Faculty of Law, The University of Melbourne, August 1987 to July 1990

Lecturer (part-time), Faculty of Law, Manchester University, October 1985 to July 1987
Administrative Law, Insurance, Building and Construction, Commercial Law, Contract, Product Liability
Nicholas Phillpott practices in the area of Building and Construction Law. In particular, he appears in:

domestic building disputes;
commercial construction disputes;
Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act matters;
professional negligence claims;
insurance claims; and
Building Appeals Board and Building Practitioners Board hearings and inquiries.
Nicholas is also available to prepare all required court documentation and to appear in general commercial litigation matters in all jurisdictions.

Before coming to the Bar, Nicholas was an Associate to the Honourable Justice Ginnane in both the Supreme Court and County Court. He was also a solicitor at a small Construction Law Firm in which he appeared in the following matters:

Sartor & Anor v Theos & Ors [2015] VCAT 1312 - appearing for the Applicants, opposing an application to join further parties pursuant to Part IVAA of the Wrongs Act
Alpha Developers and Promoters Pty Ltd v Advance Building & Engineering Pty Ltd [2015] VCAT 317 - 5 day hearing, appearing for the Applicant
Reload Electrical Services Pty Ltd v Winra Constructions Pty Ltd (unreported, 10 February 2015) - appearing for the Respondent, opposing an injunction to restrain the termination of a sub-contract
O'Donnell & Anor v Absolute Builders Pty Ltd [2014] VCAT 952 - appearing for the Proposed Joined Party, opposing an application to be joined to the proceeding
Nicholas is reading with Romauld Andrew and his Senior Mentor is Tim Margetts QC.
DeFacto Property, Family Law/ De Facto, Intervention Orders
Robert, was first admitted as a solicitor in New South Wales in 1989 before moving to the Northern Territory in 1990. Robert worked in the Northern Territory for nearly 10 years as a lawyer for the then Australian Legal Aid Office, NT Legal Aid Commission, Aboriginal Legal Service (Darwin) and in private practice. While in the Northern Territory, Robert regularly appeared as a solicitor advocate in the Magistrates Court, Coroners Court, Supreme Court of the NT and the Family Court. Shortly after moving to Melbourne, Robert joined the Victorian Bar. Robert has appeared as Counsel in the Magistrates Court, County Court, Court of Appeal, High Court (Special Leave Application), Family Court of Australia, Federal Circuit Court of Australia and VCAT.