Tim Fitzpatrick

Tim Fitzpatrick
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Tim Fitzpatrick
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Commercial Law, Criminal Law
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Tim Fitzpatrick signed the Victorian Bar roll in November 2007, since joining the Bar he has appeared in a variety of matters in the Children’s’ Court (Criminal Division), Magistrates Court, Federal Magistrates Court, NSW Local Court, NSW District Court, The Victorian County Court and the Victorian Supreme Court of Appeal.

He has appeared in matters ranging from minor criminal pleas and applications in the Magistrates/Children’s’ Courts to plea hearings in the County Court. Tim has extensive experience in contested hearings and has appeared in the Magistrates/Children’s Court, NSW Local Court and trials in both the County Court and NSW District Courts. Tim has had trial experience in such matters as culpable driving, serious assaults, aggravated burglary, sex cases and armed robbery.

Tim has also had extensive appearances in Family court ranging from first return of Family Court Applications to final hearings in property and child contact cases in the Federal Magistrates Court.

In addition to his experience whilst at the Bar, Tim has previously had experience with the Victoria Police in the areas of covert surveillance, drug investigation, sexual offences investigation, child protection applications, and offences against the person. He was qualified in forced entry techniques, operational safety tactics and prosecutions. During the last 7 years within the Victoria Police he specialised as a Police Prosecutor and was responsible for the prosecution at the summary level for cases such as, sex cases (children’s’ Court), burglary, serious assaults, property offences, intervention order applications and motor traffic legislation.

Tim brings with him a wealth of experience in both the Criminal and Family areas of practice with over 20 years experience in investigation and 11 years experience appearing before the court.
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