Vass Theoharopoulou

Vass Theoharopoulou
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Vass Theoharopoulou
LLB. BA (La Trobe)
Areas of Practice
Family Law/ De Facto, Guardianship and Administration, Intervention Orders, Property Law, Victims Of Crime Assistance Tribunal
Additional Info
Vassiliki (Vass) Theoharopoulou (BA. LLB.) was admitted to practise in 2000 and signed the Bar Roll in 2008.
Before coming to the Bar, Vass was a senior Associate at Pearsons Barrister & Solicitors Pty. Ltd. As a solicitor Vass acted in a wide range of Family Law matters and appeared regularly as a solicitor/advocate in the Family Court of Australia and Federal Magistrates court. Vass has also appeared for clients at Mediations and in the Masters List at the Supreme Court of Victoria.

Vass has acted for clients in the areas of De Facto Property, Wills and Estates, Childrens Court and Crimes Family Violence (both the Magistrates Court and Appeals in the County Court). Vass has instructed in De Facto property trials and criminal trials.

Vass is fluent in Modern Greek (both written and spoken).
For a number of years Vass was a legal Volunteer at the Broadmeadows Magistrates Court of Victoria Intervention Order Service, providing advice and appearing occasionally on behalf of clients.

Vass continues to be a long standing Committee Member of Georgina and Martina Womens Refuges and Broadmeadows Community Legal Service. Recently she was elected by her peers to be the new member of the New Barristers Standing Committee of the Victorian Bar.

Whilst her experience is in Family Law and Crimes Family Violence, Vass is interested in expanding her practice to include:
Wills, Probate/TFM,
Commercial Law,
property Law,
medical Negligence,
Civil Liberties/Human Rights,
Social Security/Welfare and
Magistrates Court both Civil and Criminal
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