Vincent Ruta

Vincent Ruta
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Vincent Ruta
B Ec; LL B (Monash)
Areas of Practice
Administrative Law (Judicial Review), Alternative Dispute Resolution/ Mediation, Banking and Finance, Bankruptcy and Insolvency, Building and Construction, Commercial Law, Equity/ Trusts, Insolvency Law, Insurance, Intellectual Property, Partnerships, Probate/ Wills/ TFM, Professional Negligence, Property Law, Residential/ Retail Tenancies, Superannuation
Additional Info
Practiced as a solicitor with Arthur Robinson, and Corporate Counsel for CRA Limited before joining the Victorian Bar.
Practices in commercial law , equity and the above areas of practice.
Appeared in-
D’Orta-Ekenaike v Victoria Legal Aid [2005] HCA 12 where the High Court, affirmed the common law in Australia as stated in Giannarelli.

Zumpano v Montagnese, [1997] 2 VR 525 where the Court of Appeal qualified the High Court decision of Bryan v Maloney

MEC Import Sales Pty Limited v Iozzelli SRL [1998] 29 ACSR 229 one of the first cases dealing with statutory demands in foreign currency,

Admitted to practice in all jurisdictions.
Owen Dixon Chambers East
9225 7796
+61 458 333 353
9600 0320
Vic, Nsw, W.A, Tas.