Howard Friedman

Howard Friedman
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Howard Friedman
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Alternative Dispute Resolution/ Mediation, Common Law, Contract, Drink Drive, Insurance, Intervention Orders, Motor Vehicle Property, Road Safety, Torts, Traffic Law, VCAT
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Howard came to the Bar in 1982 after having practiced as a solicitor for five years in general and commercial litigation. He read with the late Judge Flatman, which stood him in good stead with respect to criminal matters as that was primarily his master's area.Since that time he has had a broad practice commencing with criminal and family law which areas he concentrated upon for his first five years or so at the bar.Following that, he gradually became involved in Magistrates Court civil claims with an emphasis on motor car accident cases. This was largely due to his hobby of buying and restoring older or classic cars. Such was his interest in the subject that in 2000 he wrote a book: "Classic Car Buying On A Budget" which was published by Hybrid Publishers.Up until the late 90's,his practice was almost exclusively motor car accident based. More recently, however,he has moved to the commercial area concentrating on Magistrates Court debt matters, contract disputes, technical contests, etc. As well as this, he has also been involved with a number of contested criminal and domestic violence matters and is happy to discuss any potential dispute either by phone or in conference.
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