Alexander Klein

Alexander Klein
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Alexander Klein
LLB (Honours)
Areas of Practice
Administrative Law (Merits Review), Animal Law, Children's Court, Civil Liberties, Family Law/ De Facto, Guardianship and Administration, Human Rights, Inquests, Licensing and Disciplinary Tribunals, Mental Health, Victims Of Crime Assistance Tribunal
Additional Info
Alexander specialises in complex cases requiring detailed analysis of materials. His background includes intelligence analysis, investigation and analysis of criminal networks and the design of investigative databases. His skills as an analyst have been of great assistance in matters ranging from the investigation/preparation of child abuse cases involving death and serious injuries for court as well as criminal and other matters. Alexander presents lectures to various organisation in areas including evidence and case preparation. He has also conducted research and co-authored materials and publications.

In his spare time he attempts to play Cello and Viola, collects fountain pens and is a regular visitor to art galleries.

By virtue of his wide experience he is very aware of the conflict that arises between the duties and roles of government; semi- government and private organisations and the right of the individual and has a very keen interest in the rights of the individual and safeguards that are provided.
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