Applications to join Patterson’s List are made in writing to our List Secretary, Nicholas Phillpott, and our Clerk, Robert Patterson. All applications will be dealt with promptly and in confidence. This process will ordinarily be completed within one week of receiving the application. Patterson’s List Committee takes the view that all applicants should receive a fair and considered response to their application. Our Committee will arrange an interview with each applicant and advise of the success or otherwise of the application within 7 days, as required by the Victorian Bar Guidelines.


Readers Applications – September 2017

Guidelines attached.


Applications for Transfer

The process is as described above. In addition, any application for transfer must also be forwarded to the List Chair accompanied by a full CV.    


Interview with List Committee

The interview will usually be conducted by the List Chair, members of the List Committee and Clerk. The interview is informal and the purpose is to consider an applicant's reasons for applying to Patterson's List, joining the Victorian Bar and responding to any questions about Patterson's List and the Victorian Bar generally.