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Patterson's List welcomes the following Barristers to the List

Patterson's List welcomes the following Barristers to the List

We have recently had three more Barristers join Patterson's List.

Nicola, Graeme and David welcome to our List.



Nicola Pachinger

"Law is a profession concerned with justice… Nicola Pachinger is a Barrister-at-Law concerned by injustice…”

Nicola delivers expert professional legal services across a broad range of practice areas that she is particularly dedicated to, including: Criminal Law, Traffic Law, Coronial Inquests, Medico-Legal, Disciplinary Matters, Professional Negligence, Sports Law (Commercial), Government Prosecutions, Wills and Estates, Probate and Family Law. Nicola is a true generalist Barrister-at-Law.


Graeme Jackson

Graeme was admitted to practise on 1/3/77. Since that time he has practised exclusively in the field of Family Law. Accredited by the Law Institute as a Family Law Specialist in 1990, Graeme remained so accredited until called to the Bar in 2007. Graeme brings to the Bar more than 30 years of experience as a practical, pragmatic country Solicitor.


David Cole

David has devoted 20 years in the pursuit of justice throughout Australia focused on Criminal Law, Family Law, Traffic matters and Commercial Litigation. He is a graduate of the University of Queensland (Bachelor of Laws), University of Melbourne (Graduate Diploma of Military Law) and the Australian National University (Master of Laws).





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