Reuben Benkel

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I joined the Victorian Bar in 1977 and after testing the water in various, jurisdictions settled on the following areas of practice, the Magistrates, Court both Civil (often motor vehicle accidents) and Criminal, VCAT, Racing matters and lately Mediating. As an accredited Mediator I have successfully mediated matters involving,disputes over as little as a few thousand dollars to the recent Brave, Warrior horse death dispute in the Queensland Supreme Court, which was a $23million claim that threatened to run for at least two months of Court, sitting time. Call it luck, skill or whatever, but to this point I have not once been, unsuccessful in a single mediation. My view is that every dispute has a, prospect of resolution and that the parties just need to be assisted to find, that acceptable "settling" position. I have found that Mediation is one of,the most satisfying areas of practice and I enjoy the challenge each time, when told "you will never settle this one" and then seeing the look on the, parties faces after they have settled. As a breeder and racer of thoroughbreds, I also derive much pleasure from,participation in cases concerning horse disputes of whatever nature or, involving people in the industry and their particular problems, either, stemming from within the industry or outside it.

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